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This web site is owned and operated by ee-scape.net Ltd trading as Fancy Straws. Our logo is the registered trademark of Fancy Straws.

Fancy Straws only provide high quality earth friendly biodegradable paper drinking straws. With a wide range of colours and designs our straws will add those finishing touches to help make your entertaining special and memorable whether a birthday party, anniversary or wedding and for those in business your bar, restuarant and hotel.

Fancy Straws was started in 2013 with the purpose of promoting a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic drinking straws. Being keen participants of the "greener" sea sports (sailing, wind surfing and paddle boarding) we see first hand the the problems single use plastics are causing to our shores and oceans. Our biodegradable paper drinking straws also provide many other benefits over plastic, Although the biggest barrier that many companies and individuals face when upgrading to paper straws is the increased price which is due to the higher cost of the materials used and increase manufacturing processes to produce the paper straws compared to plastic. Of course many of us now know, the true costs of using one use plastic is to the environment and particularly our oceans and marine life.

When we first started promoting the paper straws, we discovered that for most of our customers at that time, although they valued the greener properties of paper straws, the decision to upgrade to paper straws was also driven by a need for something better than a plastic straw. Our paper straws with the many design and colour options portray a much higher quality image and a more enjoyable dinking experience for their customers.

Over the past year, there has been far more publicity and education highlighting the devastation to oceans and marine life caused by single use plastic. The Marine Conservation Society UK have been particularly pro-active in alerting businesses and the general public of the problems associated with plastic straws and one use plastics. Awareness of the problems is starting to become a primary call to action for many businesses and individual buyers now wanting to use a product with better earth and ocean friendly attributes. Thankfully, this has resulted in some increase in the use of paper drinking straws particularly in the UK.

There is still a very long way to go - currently it is estimated that over 95% of "one use" drinking straws supplied are plastic. Hopefully, going forward, consumer demand and reducing the cost of greener alternatives will help influence more buying decisions.

Fancy Straws aim is to constantly review and improve its procedures to exceed acceptable earth friendly credentials whilst ensuring that the products continue to be fit for purpose.

The increased costs of materials and maunufacturing process for producing biodegradable straws is much higher than producing a plastic straw. In order to address this issue, we currently have the straws manufactured outside of the UK. We use reputable certified companies with many years experience of producing paper products and also already manufacture for well known multinational organisations.

Fancy Straws are completely dedicated to providing a quality product that meets and exceeds your expectations. If you have any suggestions or comments or if you need to contact us, please email us using the link on the store page or use the details below.

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